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20+ years experienced GIS professionals to provide Geo Spatial services in the area of Smart City, Energy & Utility, Oil & Gas, Water resources, Transportation & Highways.

We support you with strategic GIS implementations, Setup GIS practices, State-of-the art process deployments, Enterprise Integration strategies, Policies & Framework.

We enable your Business GIS through latest trends of IOT, Mobility, System Integration, Digital survey and Best-practices to deliver reliable, cost-effective & sustainable solutions

Smart City

GIS based development & maintenance of City Utilities  / Roads / Properties, Enterprise Spatial data management, Business intelligence & Analytics, Setting up 24x7 GIS portal along with Intelligent Command Center by integration of real-time/dynamic data with modules related to Traffic, Transit, Parking, Incident management, e-Governance, Solid waste management, etc.

  • Development of GIS web portals based on Open Source and ArcGIS platforms
  • Development of Enterprise GIS through planning, design & implementation
  • GIS platform Governace & Maintenance
  • External Integration with Open Data System, Crowd sourcing, Mobile data systems
  • Carrying out GIS Need assessment, Vision, Objectives, Action plans, Strategies and Road map of Smart City Projects


Being based out of Silicon Valley of India and with established local contacts & skilled resource availability, we are equipped to successfully meet GIS Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) requirements from Global customers. With our highly competitive resource rates blended with GISen management expertise, we are sure you will give us a chance


  • Utility GIS data day-to-day maintenance consisting of daily distribution-network changes, validations, version handling, enterprise integration & approval process
  • Mapping Automation for GIS vendors
  • GIS Data Management by processing through LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Orthophoto, Drawing Automation, CAD to GIS data conversion, Migration of various formats of Data and Map Digitization


GIS Business strategies, Setting up GIS best practice aligned with business goals, Design & improvement of products/solutions, Mapping techniques and Migrations.

  • Enterprise Architecture - Liaison with multiple stake holders, Design GIS capability, evolve best architecture vision & business architecture, Information system & technology architecture, Migration planning, Implementation & Governance
  • GIS data capture - We recommend best of data capturing technique through one or more blend of technologies such as LiDAR, Remote sensing, Mobile GIS, Field Survey, Photogrammetry, Orthophoto, 3D, Mapping & Conversion methods
  • PhotogrammetryConsultation for Total GIS implementation
  • Training and Process Improvement
  • Automation & Application development

Energy & Utility

T&D ERP & SCADA integration, Geodata base creation and maintenance, GIS Automation, Achieving better SAIFI-SADI, reduce I2R losses, LT/HT/EHV improvements, Enterprise Mobility, Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A).  Setting up Maintenance of Electrical Network data with proper Rule based updations, Topological integrity & validations. Establishing centralized Enterprise geo database system, day-to-day updation process, implement security policies, versioning and transaction management



altRoad Asset Info System, Developing 3D models and New Alignment studies based on satellite Images. We have served as Key professionals for some of the foreign funded Highway projects

  • Links & Nodes based GIS data modelling for intelligent network analysis
  • Third party GIS data uploading into ITMS through data cleaning and ETL process
  • GIS solutions to TOD (Transit Oriented Development)

Urban & Water

Watershed Analysis, Irrigation Asset GIS systems, Thematic Mapping Analysis, Derivation of layers related to Hydrology, Lineament, Hydrogeomorphology, Soil and Slope aspect ratio, 

GIS Spatial Analysis such as Land Suitability analysis, Transport Routing Studies, Environmental Analysis, etc


Oil & Gas

Web based Asset Manage  system for  City Gas Distribution O&M, Cross country pipelines management, Customized implementation of APDMS and PODS data models


GISen Associates

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